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soNOTcool :: Jodi Anderson

My daughter will be 18 in June and she has been unschooled since mid-first grade. I believe that it's one of the best decisions that we have made as parents.

There are so many positive facets, both in general and personally, but I have to say that it certainly is a great catalyst for authenticity and creativity. An unherded mind is a wonderful thing is a terrible thing to tame.


I totally agree that creativity is a very important thing! But is it more important than any other human skill? And if we focus so narrowly on creativity and creative pursuits, is it not just the inverse of what is happening in many educational facilities? And is that any better? Is there some way to find a happy medium so as not to limit a child's choices as they get older? An option that allows them to pursue art, music, writing, science or pure mathematics and anything in between?

Tracy Voss

Just followed a link here and wanted to comment on previous comment about creativity. Merriam Webster defines creative as such: 1 : marked by the ability or power to create : given to creating
2 : having the quality of something created rather than imitated : imaginative

Creativity does not preclude any other human skill it encompasses them all. Look at the worlds great thinkers - scientists, mathematicians,founding fathers, spiritual leaders and yes artists and musicians - what sets them apart from the norm is their creativity.

Helen Perry

What about when they get out on their own? Are they able to get good paying jobs or will being creative enough suffice to pay the bills? Do these children go on to university or get diplomas?


I think people look to much into the "creative" side of unschooling...if left to lead themselves, all children want to learn to write, to spell, to read, even do math. There comes a point in their life that they take on what we might call a more normal schooling, just at home. they might spend a great deal of time learning about one subject, like the Holocaust, and they have time to do it. I loved to learn about it in school, but never had a chance to really explore it to the fullest. Within that subject they can write reports, visit a museum, learn to do searches on the internet, read at higher levels...tell people about what they have learned (like a speech). I wish I had time in my adult life to learn about things of interest like this. I am seriously considering unschooling my kids.
My personal opinion from what I have seen is that our world has become way out of touch with life, and what it is really about. I think it is great to see people bringing their families back to what is important, FAMILY. Learning to love this life you are in, and finding out who you really are, not who society wants you to be!

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